What is Emotional Clearing ?

Emotional Clearing is defined as: “removing obstructions and unwanted items to become clear”. In wellness terms, this translates as “a deep clear-out of your old history emotions, memories, and trauma. These energies are stored within your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

It cleans the cells and resets them so their frequencies are in perfect harmony with the universe. It finds any heavy energy around the body in organs, bones, tissue, and cells and helps release them if the soul is ready to learn from it and let go of them. 

We store the memories and emotions of the pain in our physical body. It then sits there, hanging out waiting to get triggered.  Emotional Clearing; a great way to release the emotional baggage which can keep us heavy and blocked, stopping us from creating the miraculous and abundant lives we all deserve.

One of the most important reasons for clearing old hurt is that it creates space for something new. Releasing old energies allows new energies such as love, creativity, opportunities, new visions, new goals, new health, and come into existence

The Benefits

Reconnects you with your self-healing abilities

Raises the frequency of the cells of your body

Clears old blockages, creating space for light to inhabit the body 

Clears fears, traumas, and heavy energies of depression and anxiety 

“No preparation required except an open mind and heart”